Palliative Care


The hardest choice you'll ever have to make

If you're looking for end of life care for your loved one we'd like to offer you our deepest sympathy. We know you're going through a heart wrenching time and having to find a suitable care home only adds to an already heavy burden, both emotionally and practically.

However, choosing the right care home is crucial to the experience you and your loved one have at this critical time, especially if they have dementia. Choosing a good home will mean your loved one experiencing the highest quality of life possible in their remaining days and passing with dignity, care, love and compassion, leaving you with cherished memories and peace of mind.

Unfortunately not all care homes are the same standard and a bad experience may leave you feeling anger, regret and even a sense of failure.

All the staff have been brilliant

Jeff R Son of Resident

All the staff have been brilliant. They have made a huge difference to my dads quality of life and in the process helped my dads family. My dad moved from a different care home. A mistake on our part as it has turned out, thank goodness we found the Cavendish Care Home.

John's Story

We can tell you all about how great the care here is at Cavendish, but we can't express it any better that Lisa-Jayne has here for the care we gave her dear Dad, John. So, reprinted with her permission, here's what she had to say.

The only way to be absolutely sure a home is right for you

For more information on what daily life at Cavendish Care Home is like please click here.

We hope that after viewing our website you'll feel that Cavendish Care Home looks like the sort of home you'd like to provide the care and compassion you want for your loved one at the end of their life. However this is a big decision and there's no substitute for actually experiencing the atmosphere in the home for yourself and talking directly to the staff and residents.

So, we'd like to invite you on a personal guided tour to really get to know the home. We'll take you for a good look around and afterwards you can talk to whomever you please and wander round yourself as much as you like. 

We want you to be absolutely sure this is the right home for you at this crucial time. So you and your loved one, if they are able, are more than welcome to join us for a day to meet everyone, get involved and see what life here is like first hand. Or you can simply join us for lunch and one of the many entertainment sessions if a whole day's not convenient. 

For a confidential chat about your requirements or to arrange your personal guided tour please call us on 01452 521896 or click here to email us. Or feel free to call in anytime for a look around. The kettle's always on and we'd love to meet you.

P.S. Cavendish Care Home is very popular and places here are in great demand. To avoid disappointment please call to ensure a room is available before taking a long journey to visit the home for a look around.