Life At Cavendish

Your life at Cavendish Care Home

Life at Cavendish Care Home

Moving into a residential care home is a big step, especially for someone with dementia, and you and your loved one are bound to have lots of questions about what their new life there will be like . So we've detailed below a few of the most common questions we get asked to help you get a full picture of what they can look forward to.

The care staff work extremely hard and are very caring

My mum has been at Cavendish for the last five years. Since the present manager has been there the dementia care has improved immensely. The home is very dementia friendly i.e memory lane, sensory room, photographs, activities.

I am extremely impressed with the activities coordinator she goes above and beyond her duties as does the manager. The care staff work extremely hard and are very caring. The home comes over as friendly and very homely.

What will my room be like?

Residents bedroom Cavendish Care Home

At Cavendish we have a variety of room sizes and locations to suite all tastes and budgets. All rooms are very pleasant places to be with most enjoying garden views. You can choose a first floor or ground floor room (subject to availability) and there is a lift to make access to the first floor as easy as the ground floor.

The period building means your chosen room will have a high ceiling and lots of glass areas which gives a light, airy and spacious feel. The beautiful wooden floors maintain the light theme, ensure easy of mobility (especially if your loved one uses a frame), and minimize the risk of falls that can occur with carpeted floors.

Clean rooms very impressed with lift facilities

Symone D Stepdaughter of Resident

Friendly environment, lovely garden. Happy with garden extension. Clean rooms very impressed with lift facilities.

Your loved one's room will be well equipped with a full suite of modern furniture, a wash basin and, in most rooms, an en-suite toilet. A great deal of thought has been put into making the rooms as dementia friendly as possible. Fixtures, such as handles, are large and in a contrasting colour to the door for easy identification and use, as are the units and furniture.  

It will have soft mood lighting to provide a calming and relaxing feel at night. If your loved one likes reading, bright lamps are available to clearly illuminate the pages. This minimizes eye strain so that they can read for as long as they want in complete comfort.

Standard decor is modern and tasteful with restfully subtle colours and shades. However, we want this to be your loved one's home, so we'd love you to personalise their room with their own small furniture items, mementos and ornaments. If they have a hankering for their own familiar wall colour we'll even re-decorate just as they like it.  

What are the communal areas like?

Seaside day at Cavendish Care Home

Introducing our brand new multi-sensory, all season conservatory

As well as being a lovely light and airy conservatory this innovative new addition to Cavendish is truly a room for all seasons and all reasons.  The room is equipped with a projector, sound system and pressured air spray which enables us to create the look, feel and sound of anywhere in the world.

In the picture above you can see us at the seaside. There's real sand, real footage of incoming waves being projected onto the wall and the sound and smell of the seaside all combining to provide a truly magical, transportive experience for your loved one. 

And the beauty is this can be changed at any time. So tomorrow they might be enjoying a hand, head and foot massage at the spa, along with accompanying visual, sound and scented smells. The next day they could be enjoying more pampering when we transform the room into a hair saloon. 

This new and exciting innovation means your loved one will enjoy a real variety of experiences all designed to improve their quality of life by immersing them in familiar and enjoyable settings.

Front Lounge & Dining Cafe

The front room of the home is split into two distinct areas. The lounge area, which looks out onto the front garden,  is the hub of the home. Here your loved one will be able to join in the many activities and entertainments we provide, chat with fellow residents and staff, or watch TV. 

At the other side of the room is the dining area. This has been styled to look like a cafe and is where your loved one will be served their delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Back Lounge & Cinema

This is the quieter room and is again split into two distinct areas. The rear lounge is where one on one activities take place and is also where your loved one can enjoy the peace and quiet or meet you when you visit.  The room looks onto the back garden and so is a very pleasant place to spend your time. 

When the dividing curtain is drawn, the other half of the room becomes our cinema. This is styled like a traditional cinema with red curtains and drapes and this, along with the movies shown, is guaranteed to sweep your loved one right back to their younger days. No wonder its so popular!

Is there a garden?

Front Garden at Cavendish Care Home

Yes, in fact you have a choice of two!

Front Garden

Spacious and secure, the front garden is where we hold our communal events like our annual Fete and garden party. 

There is seating for up to 20 people so in the summer months your loved one can enjoy Al Fresco lunchtime dining and afternoon cream teas while chatting with their new found friends. Or they can simply sit in the sun enjoying the atmosphere while reading or watching the many birds and other wildlife in the surrounding trees. 

Rear Multi-Sensory Garden

The rear garden area has been specially developed as a multi-sensory area. Here your loved one will be able to join their fellow residents in outdoor activities such as creating multi-coloured artworks, painting, or gardening in the easy to access raised flower beds. 

Art work that residents have created is displayed in the garden which, along with the fragrance from the flowers and sounds from the wind chimes, combine to create a truly delightful  experience.

The area is completely grassed and also has a table and chairs should they not wish to participate in the activities or would like to just sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Who will be looking after me?

Resident & Carer at Cavendish Care Home

What we believe is the best team in the business. You can read all about them and meet them here.

Unlike many care homes in the area our staff turnover is very low. Our team is strong and stable with the majority of staff members being at Cavendish for many years.

What this means for you and your loved one is that they will be looked after by a highly skilled, highly trained, expert team who have vast experience of caring for the needs of those in their later years. More importantly perhaps is that they'll become trusted friends and companions that your loved one will be comfortable with when dealing with the more sensitive aspects of personal care.

This is truly important and often over looked in larger homes where there is often a regular turnover of staff and high pressure to recruit and fill a large workforce.

All the staff have been brilliant

Jeff R Son of Resident

All the staff have been brilliant. They have made a huge difference to my dads quality of life and in the process helped my dads family. My dad moved from a different care home. A mistake on our part as it has turned out, thank goodness we found the Cavendish Care Home.

Will I enjoy the food?

Chef Preparing meal at Cavendish Care Home

If they like good food your loved one will love Cavendish.

We buy all our produce locally and prepare it on site every day to ensure it's fresh, nutritious and delicious. Every day you have three mouth watering options to choose from for your main meal and our menus are changed regularly to reflect the season and available produce.

If your loved one has special dietary requirements we'll make sure they're accommodated. Similarly, although chef takes great pride in ensuring everything is fresh, your loved one can have whatever they want (so don't worry about that special hankering for Angel Delight or Heinz Cream of Tomato, it's no problem!). 

You can rest assured that all the food is prepared in the safest, most hygienic environment since Cavendish Care home continues to maintain its 5 Star food hygiene rating.

How will I spend my day?

Resident and care dog having fun

In short, having fun, laughing, doing interesting things and enjoying yourself!

At Cavendish we love to have a good time and there's always lots of things going on. We regularly have group activities and visiting entertainers. Plus there are special things like visits from our friendly pooch, pictured above.

We also have the cinema, the unique all year round multi-sensory conservatory and the gardens plus regular pampering with hair dressing and chiropody sessions. 

Just as important is the real friendship and community that exists at the home between the residents themselves and between the residents, staff and visitors.  This is something you can only experience by visiting so why not come along and see for yourself?

The Staff do an excellent job and are very caring

My Father went to stay at Cavendish in June and has settled in well, mainly due to the excellent staff, they were very patient and understanding with him. They have just completed a sensory room which is lovely and very useful when Dad needs a quiet moment to gather himself.

The gardens had a re vamp this summer which was great and the staff have made the garden very pretty, everyone loves to go out there weather permitting. It is a lovely home with a 'family' feel to it, it has a great atmosphere and the staff are always welcoming, nothing is to much trouble.

There are lots of activities for those residents who wish to join in, the summer and Christmas fetes were a great hit with the residents and we have a trip to Prinknash this weekend. The Staff do an excellent job and are very caring, I would feel very happy to recommend this home to anyone who is looking.

What's the next step?

The best way to see if Cavendish Care Home is the right fit for your loved one is to come and have a look around. 

So, we'd like to invite you on a personal guided tour to really get to know the home. We'll take you for a good look around and afterwards you can talk to whomever you please and wander round yourself as much as you like.

To arrange your personal guided tour please call us on 01452 521896 or click here to email us. Or feel free to call in anytime for a look around. The kettle's always on and we'd love to meet you.

P.S. Cavendish Care Home is very popular and places here are in great demand. To avoid disappointment please call to ensure a room is available before taking a long journey to visit the home for a look around.